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Humane Society Raising Money For New Isolation Facilities

The Lawrence Humane Society is trying to reach its goal of five million dollars in donations for a new facility.

This facility will prevent the spreading of diseases between animals, as well as help decrease the number of euthanizations.

The Lawrence Humane Society said the medical clinic and isolation units are the biggest issues to address at the shelter.

“It’s very important to be able to isolate and contain diseases as they occur, and currently we don’t have isolated rooms in which to do that,” executive director Kate Meghji said.

Meghji said these isolated rooms will allow staff to treat diseases more effectively.

“Because we are unable to appropriately isolate some animals from disease, there are some things we can’t treat because it would be too great of a risk to the whole population,” Meghji said. “There are a few things that, if we had a facility where we had proper isolation, we could treat those animals without risking everybody else’s health.”

The new facility will also include a fenced in dog park open to the community. The Lawrence Humane Society hopes to finish the new facility by early 2019.