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Changes in Parking Policy Confuses Students

The University of Kansas Parking and Transit Office has changed its policies related to where students may park. The new University of Kansas School of Business has brought more students to the parking lots near the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center. This new traffic has caused the parking and transit office to alter their parking policies.

In the past, students did not need a specific parking pass for a specific lot, and any yellow pass would do. However, since the change in places where students with yellow passes may park, many students found out that they did not receive the parking pass they thought they had purchased.

“I think a lot of students were caught off guard. I think a lot of students didn’t buy their permits themselves. I think mom and dad bought a permit and just bought a permit and had no idea which one they were buying. I think there were people who were surprised about what permit they got and surprised that they couldn’t get one, ” said Parking Director Donna Hultine.

Hutline says 800 people are on the waiting list for parking passes.