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World’s of Fun Adds Five New Family-Friendly Rides

KANSAS CITY, MO – Kansas City’s famous amusement park Worlds of Fun has recently completed its 2 million dollar renovation of Planet Snoopy. The renovation included an addition of 5 new rides:
·       Woodstock Gliders – Young guests control their own flight with movable wings.
·       Beagle Brigade Airfield – Get your aviators glasses ready for a high-flying adventure with Snoopy.
·       Snoopy Space Buggies – Defy gravity and bounce to the moon and back.
·       Linus Launcher – Experience the sensation of weightlessness through flight with feet dangling
·       Snoopy Junction – All aboard! Snoopy the conductor leads kids on a railroad adventure.
With the add-on of these rides, the kid friendly park now features a total of 21 family style rides within Planet Snoopy for every one in the family to enjoy.
“We brought in these five rides to really make an experience for the entire family,” said Eric Burke, Manager of Public Relations and Communications. “We see 1.2 million visitors every single season, hoping we see that number increase with these five new rides.”
Worlds of Fun opened in 1973 while it’s adjacent amusement park Oceans of Fun opened in 1982. Planet Snoopy was added to Worlds of Fun in 2011 to include a children’s themed area. Each season, Worlds of Fun aims to bring at least one new attraction to the park. This year, they brought five. The park is anticipating an increase of visitors to visit the newly improved Planet Snoopy.
The park is only weeks away until opening day and they still have a lot to get done. But, everyone here is working diligently to get the park show ready by april 16th.
“I’ve been a little scared because I started in January and I was like, ‘oh we got all this time in the world!’, and I walked park last week and I was like, ‘oh my god, we’re never going to get done,'” said Burke. “But everyone that has been here for years and years says it all just comes together right at the end.”
Crew members are working hard to finish all new landscaping throughout the entire park, while many rides get a fresh new coat of paint. The restoration is likely to be non-stop until opening day.
“That last week prior to opening is pretty hectic, there’s a lot going on, but its fun,” said Wayne Meadows, Maintenance Director. “It’s a fun part of the job, it gets exciting. You know those days are just a few days off and come that Saturday morning there’s going to be people knocking on our door, ready to come and enjoy the year.”
Looking ahead to next year, the park is eager to announce the new attraction for 2017, but ride goers are going to have to wait.
“We are going to announce probably late July, early August, what our capital is for next year,” said Burke. “It’s very, very exciting.”
You can ride the new planet snoopy attractions and experience all that worlds of fun has to offer starting April 16th. For more information about Worlds of Fun or to purchase tickets, vist