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What Went Viral: April 22

  1. Crying Jordan Face


Just when we thought it was over, the crying Jordan face is back… but this time there’s a twist. The crying Jordan face is on a pair of Jordan’s!

Andrew Weiss and Sherman Winfield created the custom pair of Air Jordan VIII’s as part of an art project. The crying Jordan face is all over the shoes; the tongue, the insole, and the bottom.



             2. The Running Man Dance Craze


From what started as a challenge by two Maryland guards earlier this year has since gone… you guessed it…viral.

Justice Winslow of the Miami Heat has been seen doing the running man and it’s just continued to grow. It hasn’t grown to Harlem Shake levels yet but it’s on the way.



                 3. 29 Year-Old Canadian High School Basketball Player

A Canadian high school has an eligibility issue. Jonathon Nicola came to the high school and said he’s 17 years old.

He’s too old to play high school basketball… and that’s because he’s actually 29 years old. The border service officials arrested him for violating the immigration refugee protection act.