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Spring Game Kicks off Saturday

The Annual Spring game is coming up quickly for the Jayhawks. The scoring for this game, however will be slightly different.  Instead of the Touch Down and Field Goal being the only form of scoring the Jayhawk Coaching staff added a few more points to liven up the game.

For the offense they can score 1 point by converting a first down and and extra point if they convert that on 3rd down. The offense however does get the standard six for a Touchdown and three for a field goal.

The Defense is really where you see an increase in the scoring possibilities. Two points for a Tackle for a loss or a sack, three points for the defense for forcing a three and out, and nine points for forcing a turnover.

There are also penalties both sides can accrue including minus three for a false start or any penalty, and a minus five for any personal foul.

The Jayhawks will kick off the scrimmage around 1:06 p.m . after a small warm-up practice.