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Local Musician Brings Joy to Nursing Home

Bob Reding knows how to move a crowd, putting on a piano performance every Wednesday at the Windsor of Lawrence Assisted Living Facility. Reding has been playing the piano at retirement homes for over fifteen years, playing everything from blues and gospel to rock n roll and oldies.

“My biggest number is Great Balls of Fire, Charity Lewis,” Redding said. “He’s my favorite guy that I like, he sings country, he’s the one I really went for. I just liked the way he played at that time.”

Reding first experimented with the piano at age four and took a few lessons throughout his childhood, but most of the songs he plays were self-taught.

However, Reding’s childhood didn’t start out as harmonious as it may seem. Born alongside his twin brother, Bill, his life started out on a much different note. His mother, Cora Ann Reding, gave birth to the twins two months early, which resulted in Bob having developmental disabilities and blindness in his right eye.

“The doctor said 50 percent chance that Bill would make it. And the other Baby the good Lord and that’s what he said,” Cora Ann said.

Now Bill feels better than ever and enjoys sharing his talents with others in need. A study by New York University’s Center for Cognitive Neurology shows that music benefits people of all ages and serves as a therapy to many in need. Residence Director of the Windsor of Lawrence Dee Shaffer said the residents benefit from Reding’s weekly performances.

“Bobby is definitely an authentic person he’s very genuine very loving very kind,” Shaffer said. “He doesn’t know a stranger; if someone is having a bad day his positive energy will just flip that around.”