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Brandon Bourbon Found Dead

Former KU football player Brandon Bourbon, 24, was found dead today according to ABC 17 News. Bourbon was found on a property off Route AA near Vienna. The death was reported as a suicide.

Bourbon had been missing since the first weekend of April. KU Head Coach David Beaty said in a statement that Bourbon was a wonderful teammate and friend.

“Our hearts are broken to hear the news of the passing of Brandon Bourbon,” Beaty’s statement said. “Brandon was a wonderful teammate and friend. He was a tireless worker both on the field and in the classroom and was a constant source of inspiration within our program. The entire Jayhawk family cared very deeply for him and he will always be in our hearts. Our thoughts and prayers are with Brandon’s family and friends.”

This video is the last known social media post by Bourbon, and was posted on Bourbon’s Facebook page March 28. The video shows the Missouri-native at a cemetery admiring a large cross and speaking into a camera with another man.

“Only through death can there be new life,” Bourbon says into the camera. The two go on to recall the many times they have passed the religious monument. “I’ve seen this cross thousands of times … But I’ve seen it in my subconscious.”

Bourbon’s video ends with him turned to the cross saying, “Lord, I love you.”