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Lacrosse Gaining Popularity In Midwest

Lacrosse is a sport that is knocking at the Midwest’s door. This sport is already very established in other parts of the country like the East coast, but it has had an exponential growth in Kansas over the past five years.

The University of Kansas has a club lacrosse team that’s gets backing from the university. Their head coach Andrew Jablonski, doesn’t think that the club will become an official team any time soon. Jablonski also said that they have new growth to the team.

“When I started like seven years ago with the club we had a ton of backing and good standing with the university. Through them we have just continued to grow and continued to get more guys out here. We have a way bigger freshman presence than we’ve ever had. We used to have a lot more returners, a lot of older guys, and now we have a much younger team which is really good for our kind of growth potential,” Jabonski said.

Many NAIA and lower division teams have started collegiate teams at their university. Benedictine University is one of those schools. Their head coach Ben Coughlin is pleased with their team’s performance so far. This is the school’s first year of collegiate existence.

“You know the guys come out here and work hard and grind it out. We ask them to do quite a bit and they always come back and ask for more,” Coughlin said.

One of the team’s Colorado natives said that he had noticed the growth in Kansas. “It’s slowly getting out here, thank goodness for Saint Louis and Kansas City. It’s a pretty established sport all throughout Colorado, especially in the Denver area,” said long stick midfielder Chris Gerken.

The sport is gaining momentum as club teams, high school teams and more are popping up around Kansas. Grade schools are even starting to teach lacrosse skills during physical education classes.