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KU Loses Contract with Alaska Due to Internet Outage

When a construction crew on the KU campus accidentally cut through fibers and caused a mass internet outage campus wide last week it angered more than just KU students and staff.

The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development announced yesterday that they will cancel the entirety of their computer based testing for the year.

The Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation (CETE) is based at KU. It develops and administers online state assessments for more than a dozen states, one of which was Alaska.

“We are disappointed that Alaska is cancelling its online state testing,” said KU CETE director Marianne Perie.

Though everything seems to be functioning properly now, the contract cancellation with Alaska will be a significant loss financially.

Perie says she expects the loss to negatively affect CETE, but not disastrously damage its finances.

At this time estimated money lost could not yet be determined. Perie says CETE and Alaska are working out modifications to the contract now that it has been nixed.