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KU Info Celebrates Deep-Rooted History on Campus

KU Info honored its 10th year of location in the Kansas Union lobby this past Monday. While it also has a location on Jayhawk Boulevard, known as the Boulevard booth, the desk in the Union receives the most traffic and walk-up questions.

“We celebrated this because it was a pretty major transition for the program,” Director of KU Info Curtis Marsh said. “Before that, it didn’t really have a consistent front face.”

Beginning 46 years ago, KU Info was initially established as a rumor hot-line for students to call for information about political protests, rallies, and issues occurring on campus. It transitioned to a 24/7 general information line in the late seventies.

“It was before Google, so students would call at any hour asking the most random questions,” KU Info employee Kara Kahn said. “The [KU Info] office had world fact books, Guinness World Records, dictionaries and encyclopedias.”

After many changes in format, budget and location, KU Info found its home in the Union lobby. Students can call, text, or walk up to the Info desk to have any question answered.

“We’ve had that spot in the Union for 10 years now, and it’s a central spot,” KU Info employee Ellie Hupp said. “It’s exciting and important for us to feel like we’re really important and doing something big at the University.”

With the third location opening soon at the new DeBruce Center, KU Info continues to expand and adapt on campus to accommodate KU students, faculty and outside callers.