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$1.5 Million Dollar Renovation Coming for Lawrence Movie Theater

Lawrence’s largest and most popular movie theater, the Southwind Stadium on  Iowa Street, will undergo a large scale makeover.

A $1.5 million building permit has been issued by the city to improve the Regal Cinema owned complex. Changes to the interior of the theater, such as seats that will fully recline and installments of updated “finishes,” are what was sited in the details of the building permit report.

The renovations are much needed for the theater, which currently holds a low 2.5/5 star rating on Fandango.

As for whether or not any improvements would be made to the exterior of the building, none were mentioned in the report. Ironically enough, regular movie goers to the Southwind Stadium mentioned the outside is what really needs to be remodeled.

“I’m glad there’s going to be some up to date things coming in, but the honestly the outside is so ugly looking,” said Lawrence resident Elisha Brown. “I’m surprised they’re not fixing that at all.”

Perhaps modernization to the outside will be incorporated once the construction gets underway, but the sheer fact that the quality of the theater is being addressed does please it’s customers who have been drifting away. Out ten regular movie goers that were interviewed, three said they much prefer driving to Topeka or Kansas City to catch a film than see it at the Southwind.

“Whenever a big movie drops, like the new Captain America Civil War movie, I go to KC for it,” said KU freshmen Ben Petterson. “The one on Iowa is better for movies I’m not dying to see.”

At this time is unknown when the updates to the Southwind theater will be completed.