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Returners’ Thoughts on Seniors

Photo: Missy Minear/KANSAN


LOUISVILLE, Ky. –  Wayne Selden looks down at the media swarm surrounds him. The season is over. He will no longer get to play along side Perry Ellis in the starting lineup. No longer will Jamari Traylor and Wayne share spectacular alley-oops on the court. It was all over with the 64-59 loss to Villanova.

The Jayhawks lose four seniors,  Perry Ellis, Jamari Traylor, Hunter Mickelson, and Evan Manning. Those four players will no longer put on their crimson and blue Kansas jerseys. But what they taught the younger members of this 2015-2016 team will remain for the following years.

“I love all of these guys, each and everyone of them. We really became a family over the years,” said Selden looking down in sadness. “I just feel bad for the seniors, because I could see how bad they wanted it.”

One of the other starters, junior Landen Lucas, was drawn to tears when reminiscing about the seniors that they will be losing. Realizing 75% of the seniors are his fellow big men.

“I just came here with some of these guys and you know have been here the whole time knowing, Perry is my locker mate, [Jamari] as the heart and soul of the team. The energy guy. So to have them not there is definitely going to be weird,” said Lucas as the emotions welled up inside. “But it’s going to be weird to adjust for sure but we’ll get through it.”

The seniors have meant so much to the underclassmen of this team. It was evident in the postgame interviews in the locker room. The emotions ran high as the season was just not enough.