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Ousdahl Construction Approved by City Commission

On Tuesday night, the Lawrence City Commission unanimously voted to expedite the construction process for the intersection of 19th St. and Ousdahl Rd.

The approval of the expedited construction will cost the city an extra $43 thousand. Construction has now begun on the intersection and it is anticipated to be completed over the summer before students return for the fall semester. The intersection, as well as the length from Iowa St. to Naismith Dr. will be closed over the summer for construction.

KU and city officials decided to expedite the process in advance of the $350 million project to rebuild KU’s Central District. The intersection of Ousdahl Dr. and 19th St. will serve as the new official entrance to the KU campus. The intersection will be completed this summer with the rest of 19th St. set for renovation in the summer or 2017.

The intersection is currently a three-way traffic intersection but will have a new traffic light and a fourth direction will be added to better accommodate the additions to KU’s Central District. This new northbound roadway will be constructed over the next couple years and will travel through the area where the new dorms, satellite student union, and parking garage will be located.