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KU Parking Changes to Temporarily Limit Student Parking

The KU Parking and Transit Department’s proposed changes to campus parking regulations for the 2016-2017 school year will make it more difficult for students to park on campus. As a result of the changes, 1300 parking spaces will be temporarily lost across campus.

The loss of parking spaces is a result of the two-year construction being done on the Central District. Parking lot closures have already affected parking lots 19 and 20 near the Hilltop and Burge, as well as lot 114 – which affects residents of Jayhawker Towers and Daisy Hill residents. Lot 72 behind Allen Fieldhouse will also be partially affected, with a portion of it slated to close in April.

Along with the temporary loss of parking spaces across campus, one of the biggest proposed changes to come will be the sale of student parking permits being limited. Specifically, yellow lot parking, or student parking, will be most affected.

“The biggest change that will affect students is we’re going to try to limit the sales of student parking by specific parking lots,” said Director of Parking and Transit Donna Hultine.

The changes will require students to choose which parking lots they want to park in, with a limit being put on the total number of parking permits sold for each lot. The permits will be oversold at a low percentage and then potentially increased depending on the number of students using a specific lot. Students who don’t get in to their preferred parking lots will be put on a waiting list in the interim.

“It’s really going to help it really is,” said Hultine. “I know that some students will think its painful if they don’t get the lot that they want but I think they just need familiarize themselves with the changes we’re proposing and come and talk to us.”

Although over 1300 parking spaces will be lost on campus in the meantime, ultimately all those spaces will return with an additional 236 spaces added. Those parking spaces will be put in the lot where McCollum Hall used to be.

“It’s going to be one year of tight parking,” said Hultine. “And in February of 2017 we hope to have a new garage open in the Central District and then we’ll be able to shuffle students back to that area. It’ll be one year just one quick year.”