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Deadly Fire in East Lawrence

LAWRENCE, KAN.- An early morning house fire Wednesday morning leaves one man dead, police said.

At about 12:15 A.M. police were called to a house on the corner of 27th and Rawhide after responding to a report of a domestic violence incident. Police say the female caller that was reporting the incident had exited the house with the other occupants inside, leaving one man still inside. Officers took position outside of the home to establish contact with the remaining person inside.

“As we were waiting for more officers to arrive one officer reported that they saw some flickering inside the house and about 45 seconds later the officer reported that the house was on fire,” said Sargent Trent McKinley.

Witnesses say they heard loud noises similar to ammunition going off, but there is no confirmation on if those shots came from the man inside or were released due to the heat of the flames.

The body of the man inside was removed from the home Wednesday afternoon. His identity has not yet been released.