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City Will Consider Free Ridership for Transit System

The City of Lawrence will spend $200,000 on a study to help determine whether or not to eliminate fares for the Lawrence Transit System.

A this time city commissioners estimated the amount of money the city expects to make from the transit system in 2016 is roughly $400,000. That number may seem like a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the $4 million they say will be spent just to operate it.

“I think right now it’s kind of a waste of time to make people who ride the bus pay $1,” said KU student Drew Delucchi, who regularly rides the 11 bus.

The argument in favor of eliminating fares suggests that since there isn’t much money being made to balance out how much is being spent ridership should just be free. On the other hand, $400,000 is still a lot of money to give up.

“I understand the money adds up to quite a bit in total,” said Lawrence resident, Zach Retta. “But if they were really serious about trying to make money off the system then they should raise the fare higher than $1. Maybe more like $3”

An article from here: points out that most cities in the United States lose money by having a public transit system. If Lawrence decides to go forward with making transit ridership free they certainly wouldn’t be the only ones choosing to lose a few bucks for the sake of helping out city residents.