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Bernie Back in Kansas, Rallies Voters for Saturday’s Caucus

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders rallied voters in Lawrence Thursday night only a week later from being in Kansas City, MO. During the rally, Bernie Sanders spoke on issues regarding women’s rights, abortion, raising the minimum wage to $15/hour and education, which means a lot in a college town like Lawrence. Looking forward to Saturday, Bernie Sanders urges people to get out there and vote.
“I think it’s great that we have a presidential candidate that cares so much about women’s rights, especially because he’s not a woman and he’s not getting any gain from it,” said KU freshman Hannah Bachmuth. “And especially how he sees the value in college students.”
During his rally, Bernie really played to the crowd full of college students talking about issues that related more to them, while pointing out Wall Street as the other “one percent”.
“I mean, I agree with him 100%,” said KU freshman Annie Cunningham. “I’ve always saw Bernie as the most genuine candidate and the one that always saw what I needed versus like the top one percent that he always talks [about].”
With only two days left before the Kansas caucuses, Bernie Sanders’ timing on hosting a rally in Lawrence was crucial to get votes.
“I think he could get a really good college crowd out here and need a lot of people to go out and vote,” said Keaton Aylor from Kansas City. “Not just come out to the rally, but really come out and go to the polls and we can really make a difference.”
You are able to caucus if you will be 18 by November 8th and are a registered voter. You can still vote on Saturday, the day of the Kansas caucus.

Before Sanders’ rally and while his supporters were waiting in line, Sanders took to Mass Street, going store to store, just like he said he would campaign in Vermont.

Sanders stopped for selfies and hugs along the way.

Feeling the need to look fresh for his big rally, sanders stopped into the downtown barbershop for a quick trim.

Sanders insisted on paying and remarked that seven dollars was quite a bargain.