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Tuberculosis Case Confirmed on Campus

You may have seen the E-mail sent out last week by Watkins Health Center about the confirmed case of Tuberculosis. Douglas County is averaging one case per year. This is such a rare occurrence that many students don’t even know about the confirmed case.

Students were asked standing at a bus stop and only one has “kind of” heard about the case. They all said they were not worried about it.

Clinic Supervisor of the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department Kathy Colson said that students don’t need to worry about the spread either. “I’m not going to say it spreads easily. We have had cases where a spouse does not get tuberculosis from his or her spouse who has tuberculosis. So if you can have that situation where one stays healthy and one is sick then you can see that it is not all that easy,” Colson said.

Colson also said people need to recognize when they are sick and do something about. They need to go to a doctor and stay home from class or work to not spread the disease or bug they have. “If you’re coughing cover your cough, if you are ill you stay home and wash your hands. You do those things routinely and that’s what we do to prevent ourselves from getting anything,” Colson said.

Some main symptoms of Tuberculosis are rapid weight loss, fever, and coughing with blood. If you have these symptoms Colson said go to a doctor to get tested.

The person who was confirmed with Tuberculosis last week is recovering well. Everyone who was in contact with the infected person is cleared.