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Student Senate Survey Asks About Pressing Campus Issues

You may have received an email recently from Student Body President Jessie Pringle. The email contains a survey about things like tobacco usage on campus, mental health, alcohol usage on campus and even a shuttle going from campus to the MCI airport.
Pringle said, “one of the other issues we are looking at is on of our advanced KU platforms which is the KCI-MCI shuttle. You know what students would take the shuttle, how often would they take the shuttle, and where they are kind of going if they were to take the shuttle.”
This is something that students have shown interest in and Student Senate is looking into. They also want to know how you feel about issues like the tobacco one. If you think KU should have designated smoking areas, allow smoking everywhere on campus or eliminate smoking all together.
Student Body Development Director Tomas Green said, “those were the issues [they] thought would get students excited about voicing their opinions.”
The feedback from the survey gives Student Senate a better idea of how to better implement things that students want to happen or change on campus.
“Every year we distribute a survey that goes out to all graduate and undergraduate students so we can gauge them in a variety of issues that we are working on to make sure that we know kind of the pulse of the student body on where they stand on certain issues,” Green said.
According to Green about 10 percent of the total student body has responded to the survey so far. The percentage this year is much better than previous ones and they are excited to get the feedback to help better campus and its environment.
To voice your opinion on these matters Student Senate wants you to fill out the survey sent to your email.​