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Rodents May Be Living In Your Car Hood

LAWRENCE, KAN.- It’s common for rodents and small critters to seek shelter in homes during the winter months, but this year mechanic’s say they’ve been hiding out in a different makeshift habitat.

“You know I’ve often wondered if the apocalypse is coming, it’s that bad,” said Pat Slimmer, owner of Slimmer Automotive. “I’ve been working on cars for 30 years and this is the worst year I’ve ever seen for rodent damage.”

Lawrence mechanics say rats and other vermin are costing drivers anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages.

Lawrence resident, Molly Donahue, fell victim to the rodent rampage, after rats had chewed discovering all of the wires under her car hood.

“It took a few days and then they realized it was the whole distributor cap and the wires that had been chewed,” said Donahue.

Experts say drivers can prevent this by propping car hoods open, spraying deer spray on the fender of the car or putting mouse poison near the wires.