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Read and Ride Program Benefits Students’ Learning and Physical Activity

EUDORA, KAN.- Getting any child to read can be challenging, but a new program implemented at Eudora Middle School has students reading more than ever before.

“At the same time you’re reading you’re getting a good workout in so it’s a great way to multi task,” said student Sadie Walker.

With the ‘Read and Ride’ program students pedal on a stationary bike while reading. Studies have shown that performing moderate physical activity while reading not only improve physical health, but can also improve one’s ability to recall information. That’s one of the reasons why P.E. teacher, Mitch Tegtmeier, was so keen on starting the program at the middle school.

“As a P.E. teacher I’m always trying to find ways to incorporate reading and riding into our curriculum as well. It’s part of our professionalism to contributing to the whole school as a goal and prepare our kids for college and career,” said Tegtmeier.

Since the program started in January, the school has collectively biked close to 3,000 miles and burned over 60,000 calories. Tegtmeier said he was surprised at the amount of positive feedback the program has received.

“I saw this as a opportunity to give our kids more exercise and put a fun twist on reading as something new for the kids to try out.”

Teacher sand students are able to utilize the bikes, and students are encouraged to come and ride both before and after school.