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Proposed Legislation Could Stop Progress of Central District Renovation

Kansas legislators vote today on if budget measures should be used to punish KU for outside funding. The way Kansas legislators vote today could affect the future of the central district project.

The measure comes after KU raised funds from a Wisconsin non-profit agency. Some Kansas legislators are angry that the university officials did not get legislative approval before accepting over 300 million dollars in bonds.

Central district is a new development program to add new and modern facilities to KU’s campus.

The senate bill would block KU from making any payments on the project for two years but also virtually stop the central district project completely.

Earlier today Kansas legislators amended the bill to exclude the KU medical center in the budget.

The university has plans to construct new facilities across campus that are a part of a 350-million dollar redevelopment project lasting from 2014 to 2024. The master plan focuses on campus life, academic communities, and sustainable land use.

The central district project would fund for a new integrated science building, the Burge Student Union, and a parking garage among other buildings. Chancellor Bernadette Grey-Little stated that some facilities at k-u are far behind today’s university standards.