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Adderall Misuse on the Rise Among Young Adults

LAWRENCE, KAN.- There’s no doubt that the stimulant, Adderall, is prescribed to many on a college campus, but a new study by John Hopkins says the number of those misusing the drug is on the rise. The study shows that abusing the drug can cause many health risks including insomnia and heart attacks.

“It can actually be fatal. There are several cases per year of people in the college age bracket dying from heart attacks because they took a very high dose thinking it would be more useful, or because of a heart condition they didn’t know they had,” said Internal Medicine and Primary Care Physician, Dr. Pavika Saripalli.

Experts say the most common way of getting non-prescribed Adderall was from family and friends who are already prescribed. Psychologist, Dr. Wes Crenshaw, said obtaining the drug, especially on a college campus, is far too easy. Students are mainly seeking the drug as a study tool, thinking it will help them focus and perform better on tests.

“If you were to go to KU today it would probably take you 10 minutes to find someone that would sell you Adderall for $20,” said Crenshaw.

Doctors say this issue is far more serious than many believe it to be, and that it is up to students and those seeking out un-prescribed Adderall to put it to an end.

“It’s a national public health crisis I think the responsibility lies in the students themselves not seeking it out not creating the demand for which there’s always going to be a supply,” said Saripalli.

Doctors advise that if you think you have ADD or ADHD to contact a physician for adequate testing and evaluation.