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What Went Viral: January 29

Here’s what went viral this week:

  1. BOB thinks the world is flat…

Even though we’ve been taught exactly the opposite for quite a few years now… rapper BOB believes the earth is flat.

Now nearly every kid in the USA knows that the earth is round and we can see it from space. Clearly… BOB didn’t get that message.

BOB said, “no matter how high in elevation you are, the horizon is always eye level… sorry cadets. I didn’t want to believe it either.”

BOB’s new found theory wasn’t able to escape those who study science… for a living. Neil Degrasse Tyson had this to say, “dear BOB an astrophysicist I don’t rap, but I know people who do and this one has my back.”

The rap can be found on soundcloud if you’re curious.

  1. Kayne West took the internet (well Twitter) by storm

On Monday, Kanye West announced that yeezus himself would be releasing a new album called “swish” on February 11.

On Wednesday he changed his title, announcing the album will now be called “waves.”

Everyone seemed to be OK with the name change… except for rapper Wiz Khalifa. The two got into a twitter fight, much of which centered around how West had dated Wiz Khalifa’s current girlfriend Amber Rose.

At the end of day this twitter fight is a prime example of how social media can create stories out of nothing. Keep Tweetin’ Kanye.

  1. Riley Curry is a Hot Commodity this Valentine’s Day

Riley Curry, daughter of NBA superstar Steph Curry made waves last year during the Warriors playoff run.

Riley who is 3 years old has become a very popular child figure, so much so that one young boy wants to make riley his valentine bringing a sign to the Warriors game.

Although Riley Curry is obviously popular and has many people hoping she will be their valentine… let’s hope that this story going viral will help him get his wish.