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Super Hero Day at Allen Fieldhouse Lifts Spirits of Kansas Fans

KU women’s basketball struggled against the Oklahoma State Cowgirls in a game that from the very beginning did not seem to go well for the Hawks.

“You don’t ever want to be down double digits early,” Coach Schnieder said of the Cowgirls 13-0 run to start the game, “but I think it’s even a factor that makes it even more difficult for our team. I think that when we get behind we get younger, in that we get mentally younger.”

But this game was special for a few super fans that were in the stadium. One set of these fans were the Jacquinot family. The family, who lives in Topeka had never been to a women’s game until Sunday.

“We come over for a handful of men’s games every year,” said Justin Jacquinot, father of Avery (who dressed up as Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Pierce (who dressed up as Batman), “but we saw it was superhero day for the women and thought that this would be a good time”

Kids who were in attendance were allowed to join the costume parade at half time. Avery and Pierce both agreed their favorite parts were walking and getting to wear their costumes in Allen Fieldhouse.

“They’re pretty excited to get out on the court and walk around,” explained Angie, mother of the two superheroes, “They felt pretty big to be doing that.”

They were just two of the over 100 heroes who showed their support for the hawks and joined the parade at half time.