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Student Senate Votes Not to Impeach Top Leaders

Last night the KU student senate voted not to impeach Student Body President Jessie Pringle, Vice President Zach George and Chief of Staff Adam Moon.

The vote totals were not shared, but in a report from the impeachment committee no claims of wrongdoing were found.

“Personally it’s relieving, but it’s more relieving to know that people weren’t ultimately persuaded by the absurd acquisitions against us,” said George.

The three officers made clear in their defense that if they were to be impeached it would set a bad standard of removing future leaders of the student body.

It’s pleasing that the senators raised a higher bar for removal, said Pringle after the meeting.

The issues with Pringle, George and Moon originated back in November when a bill of impeachment was signed by enough senators. Some of the criticisms toward the leaders date all the back to last April. Most of the complaints were broad based and centered around diversity and inclusion related problems that George says were understandable but very petty.

Hopefully with this out of the way, we as the senate will get back to our primary focus which is on what we can do for the student body and get away from internal political issues, said George.

Going forward, the three officers proposed a list of diversity related ideas they aim to pursue.