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Pet World Reopens After Last Year’s Fire

Lawrence staple and local favorite Pet World re-opened its doors at its original location on Saturday, Jan. 23rd after an over eight-month hiatus due to reconstruction as a result of last year’s fire.

Last Memorial Day, an electrical fire destroyed the popular pet store’s interior, resulting in over 500,000 dollars in damages. In the eight months since, the store set up shop at a temporary location at the strip mall at 23rd & Louisiana.

The reconstruction and remodeling of the original store’s interior, at 711 W. 23rd St., has been the major focus during its absence. After moving in all the animals and putting the finishing touches on the rebuild Friday, Jan. 22, the popular pet store finally re-opened its doors back up for business the next day.

The main goal of the rebuild was to make it safer than before, which centered on fire safety first and foremost. The store added a new fire suppression system, a brand new sprinkler system that it did not have before, and motion sensitive cameras to make it a safer environment.

In addition to the improved safety measures, the store also redesigned the flow of the interior, making it more open and spacious than it was previously.