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David Bowie Tribute Concert

KUJH Entertainment Reporter meet with Katlyn Conroy

Jackson : So tell us about the David Bowie Tribute concert at the Granada this Saturday.

Katlyn: Um, yeah! It’s kinda what is sounds like. It’s essentially a David Bowie festival. Because we will be having face painters doing David Bowie face paint styles, some karaoke, some food from Leeway franks.

Jackson: Delicious!

Katlyn: Yeah!! Some live performances, CS Lexum, his band, and some friends will be performing and some friends of mine and myself as well.

Katlyn: I listened to a lot of Bowie. Growing up with a lot of Bowie playing around me but it wasn’t till recently that I dived into the work a couple months ago when I had to do the Set. We were like Ok! I don’t want to do the obvious ones but some cool underground ones as well.

Kayltn: I think he’s one of those musicians who affected the people that were around him at the time, when he first started, the people when he was around when he was huge and now people after he passed away, he continue affected all kinds of people forever.

Jackson: Let’s see some performances!