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Red Kettle Campaign Feeds Homeless

It’s that time of year again… The Salvation Army is collecting donations through its annual Red Kettle Campaign and if you’re new to town, Chico Walker has your back.

“Been here since ’89. There’s nothing about Lawrence that I don’t know I know everything about Lawrence,” said Walker.

Walker helps other homeless people in Lawrence by teaching them how to survive while living on the streets. Although for Walker, helping is harder this time of the year.

“You see a lot of the happy people downtown this time of year and it hurts in your heart, and I want that happiness too, it’s hard to talk about it,” said Walker.

Walker is one of many people who rely on the free meals from Salvation Army.

“Usually try to eat as much as I can at these places, because they have seconds after they feed every body, so that’s your chance to eat even more so you can be filled up for hours after that, so that’s a good thing too you can fill up,” said Walker.

The Salvation Army relies heavily on donations they get from the red kettles each year to serve people like Chico.

“Our Red Kettle campaign, our goal for this year is $100,000 and that 100k is about 30 percent of our annual budget for the year,” said a Lieutenant of Salvation Army, Marisa McCluer. So when you see those Red Kettles out there it’s not just for the Christmas season, and presents its about making sure that we can sustain our services from January until next October when we start ringing again.”

The Salvation Army will take red kettle donations up until 2:00 PM on Christmas day.