10/12/23 KUJH Show 5 Fall 2023 Season

Full Show:

Catch up with co-anchors Jaxson Reed and Dylan VanderVeen for KUJH’s fifth show of the Fall 2023 season. Learn about how KU celebrated Indigenous People’s Day, a new art exhibit in Chalmers Hall by an Indigenous artist, updates on the Israel-Hamas conflict, a new specialty coffee at Uplift Coffee inspired by a KU Football player and more.


Chalmers Hall on KU’s campus features a new art exhibit from Indigenous artist, Henry Payer. KUJH’s Abbey Lord takes us to the Edgar Heap of Birds Gallery to learn more.

KU celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Day by putting up a tipi in front of Strong Hall. KUJH’s Libby Johnson takes us to the tipi to explain its significance and the importance of celebrating Indigenous people in place of Colombus Day.

Lawrence’s La Estrella showcases a new mural in time for National Hispanic Heritage Month. KUJH’s Abbey Lord takes us to the grocery store to see the mural and talk to co-leading artist Connie Fitzpatrick.

Uplift Coffee partners with KU Football safety Kenny Logan to create a new drink, appropriately titled Kenny Koffee. KUJH’s Claire Decatur takes us to Uplift to talk more about the partnership process.

Student organizations across KU have been registering students to vote. KUJH’s Blake Ullmann talks with Student Body Vice President DaNae Estabine on the subject.


Catch up with Claire Decatur on KU sports with highlights of KU’s IARP violations and more updates on former basketball player Arterio Morris.


Weather segment from Oct. 12, hosted by Ashton Rizzo.


KUJH’s Shamaria Massenburg interviews students on campus for their reactions to Crocs’ new “cowboy boots”.