KUJH Show 2/8/24

Catch up with co-anchors Grace Gaume and Ariana Totta for KUJH’s first show of the Spring 2024 season. Learn about students Super Bowl favorites, new cat cafe, how Massachusetts Street restaurants and bars are planning for Super Bowl Sunday, Zyn nicotine pouches, and more.

Special Content:

While the KUJH team is comprised of students from journalism classes 552 and 620, the School of Journalism has many up-and-coming young journalists who are still honing their craft. We take time to honor these students and their hard work, and now gladly feature them alongside the rest of our team. This special content is from two 415 students who put together great content for us to share as part of our further coverage of KU, the City of Lawrence, and our surrounding communities.

JMC 415 student Emma Crouch takes an inside look at Homecoming events on KU’s Lawrence Campus. The events gave student organizations on campus opportunities to compete for points throughout the week, and eventually win prizes based on their placings.

JMC 415 student Francesca Onofrio travels to downtown Lawrence to highlight the city’s 2023 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer’s Association put on the walk and took donations, which eventually summed up to $68,476, just shy of its $70,000 goal.