“Walk With Me” Program Launched

The University of Kansas's International Student Services Office is taking measures to make sure students feel safe on campus. The 2016 election inspired a great deal

City Manager Tom Markus Hosts Listening Post at Haskell University

Lawrence city manager Tom Markus hosted his first ever listening post at Haskell University yesterday. Markus offered one-on-one time with residents to voice their concerns


KU Baseball Gives Back on Thanksgiving

When the Jayhawks landed in the Dominican Republic last Wednesday, they went right to batting practice. But heavy rain in the country eliminated some of the


What Went Viral?

Viral events of the week were largely a reflection of past events of 2016. Viral events included the release of the "Hamilton" mix tape, which

Top Moments of 2016

Everyone has their favorite moments from 2016, many of which seem to be related to music, memes and tweets. Many view 2016 as a great year