Sobriety Checkpoint in Lawrence on Saturday Night

The Lawrence Police Department will conduct a DUI saturation patrol this Saturday. Extra officers will set up around the city looking for drunk or impaired drivers. The

KDOT Working to Decrease Roadway Fatalities

Kansas and many other states have adopted a "zero" roadway fatalities vision. The Kansas Department of Transportation's first goal for its' 'Drive to Zero' safety plan


World Series Ticket Prices Near $4,000

The Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians are heading to the World Series, and let's just say that ticket prices will be out of the park. The


What Went Viral? Hillary Representin’ Death Row Records The third and final Presidential debate left many people wondering who debated better. Although, one thing was certain, Hillary Clinton

What Would You Do For A Dollar?

To many college students, one dollar seems like a lot of money. When put on the spot by our own Entertainment Reporter, Jackson Kurtz, he