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Tristan Allen, Executive Producer

Tristan Allen is a junior from Olathe, Kansas, majoring in journalism at the University of Kansas and minoring in political science. One day, Tristan hopes to produce broadcast news or digital content at either the local or network level. Before serving as executive producer, Tristan worked on KUJH for five semesters, most recently as a production consultant, and also worked in Media Crossroads as a producer and technical director. Aside from KUJH, Tristan leads the copy desk for the University Daily Kansan. In his free time, Tristan is playing video games, watching movies and TV, or scrolling through TikTok.

Ryan Atchison, Consistency Producer

Ryan Atchison is a senior from Olathe, KS. He is studying journalism with a focus on news and information and a minor in sports management. Ryan is currently also a co-producer for the sports debate show Take A-Side with Media Crossroads. In the future, Ryan hopes to work somewhere in the sports field as a journalist or on the business side. Outside of work, Ryan enjoys listening to music, watching sports highlights, and cheering on the KU basketball team, the Chiefs, and the Royals.

Jack McGarr, Producer

Jack McGarr is a junior majoring in Journalism and minoring in Sports Management. Coming from Geneva, Illinois, Jack has worked on the show “Take a Side” for Media Crossroads for three years. Jack takes part in sports debates every week for the show as he focuses his journalism major on sports media. Beginning working for the University Daily Kansan newspaper, Jack now works as the Associate Sports Editor for the Kansan and has reported there for three years. Writing for men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, and softball, Jack has covered various sports for the University of Kansas. When Jack isn’t working, he enjoys watching sports, movies, listening to music and playing video games.

Emily Binkley, Producer / Social Media

Emily Binkley is a senior from Overland Park, Kansas, triple majoring in Journalism, Film, and English. She has worked in various areas of video production, from reporting to visual effects. Writing is her passion, but she enjoys all forms of creativity and art. Emily has raised a Jayhawk athletics fan through and through and is excited to be a part of KUJH as the team reports on Jayhawk news. She hopes her experiences with KUJH will help guide her to a career of excitement and success.

Sara McDonough, Associate Producer / News Anchor / MMJ / Entertainment

Sara McDonough is a junior from Southlake, Texas. She is studying journalism with an emphasis on news and information and minoring in American studies. She is currently interning with Great Plains Media in the programming and promotions department. In the future, she hopes to work as an MMJ/reporter and work her way up to anchoring or hosting a radio show. In her free time, Sara enjoys reading, being with friends, playing board games, and watching movies.

Lily Becker, Associate Producer / Anchor / MMJ

Lily Becker is a junior from St. Louis. She is on the pre-law track while majoring in journalism and minoring in political science. During her time at KU, Lily has gained experience as a news correspondent, copy editor and photojournalist for The University Daily Kansan. As a member of KUJH, Lily hopes to elevate her broadcasting skills. In her free time, Lily enjoys spending time with friends, creating art, and listening to Taylor Swift.

Alyssa Wingo, Associate Producer / Anchor / MMJ

Alyssa Wingo is a senior born in Dallas and raised in Leawood, Kansas. She is majoring in journalism with a focus on news and info and minoring in political science. Alyssa has been a crew member and producer for Good Evening KU and is currently a multimedia journalist for The Eudora Times, a student-driven local newspaper started in 2019 by Dr. Teri Finneman. Alyssa is interested in producing and music journalism and hopes to one day produce her own show. In her free time, Alyssa has been learning guitar and piano and enjoys singing, hiking, skiing and spending time with her three dogs.

Andrew Lind, Sports Director / Sports Anchor / Sports Reporter

Andrew is a senior from Overland Park, Kansas, majoring in Journalism News and Information and minoring in American Studies. Andrew comes to KUJH News by way of Playmakers KU and the University Daily Kansan. With the Kansan, Andrew previously served as the associate sports editor in the fall of 2021 and remains on the staff as a men’s and women’s basketball beat writer. Outside of the classroom, Andrew works part-time at KSNT News in Topeka, Kansas as a weekend digital producer and weekday multimedia journalist. After graduation, Andrew hopes to continue to work in local news as a sports anchor and MMJ.

Caleb Jeanneret, Digital Team / Social Media

Caleb Jeanneret is a junior majoring in journalism with an emphasis on news and information and minoring in Sports Management. He has covered sports on Playmakers and is currently producing his own show “Good Morning Playmakers.” Outside of KU, Caleb Co-Hosts and produces his podcast “Baby Takes” mainly covering Nebraska Football. He plans to have a career in the Sports Media Field, and in his free time, he manages his YouTube Channel and spends time with his family.

Mackenzie LaPorte, Anchor / MMJ / Social Media

Mackenzie LaPorte is a senior from Chicago. She is majoring in Journalism with a focus in news and information and a minor in photography. During her time at KU, Mackenzie has hosted several different Media Crossroads shows including “Good Morning KU” and “Good Evening KU,” has reported and anchored for KUJH TV, and has helped redesign KUJH’s social media. Mackenzie has started her first internship with KSNT News in Topeka, Kansas. After college, Mackenzie dreams of working for a news station as an MMJ/reporter and eventually becoming an anchor. Mackenzie enjoys painting and touching up on her photography skills, as well as reading astrology books and spending time with the people she loves.

Reece Dunker, Digital Team / Social Media / Sports Reporter

Reece Dunker is a junior from Barry, Illinois, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Sport Management. During his time at KU, Reece has been a part of multiple shows at Media Crossroads. His non-KU-related work includes previously writing for Marlins Maniac, and currently publishing up-to-date NFL Draft content. In the future, Reece hopes to work as a draft analyst for a major network. Outside of school, he spends his time watching sports, where he’s an avid fan of all things St. Louis.

Johan Marin, Anchor / MMJ

Johan Marin is a senior from Overland Park, Kansas. He is majoring in Journalism with a minor in business. During his time at KU, Johan has been highly involved in Media Crossroads, Good Morning KU, and the University Daily Kansan. Johan has also completed internships for KCUR 89.3 in Kansas City and KSNW News in Wichita. Currently, he is a Fox News College Associate for Fox News. In the future, Johan plans to start off as an MMJ/reporter and work towards becoming a news anchor or national news correspondent. In his spare time, Johan enjoys hiking and being with his friends and family.

Caroline Soro, Sports Anchor / Sports Reporter

Caroline is a junior at the University of Kansas majoring in journalism and double minoring in business and sport management. Though she grew up in Tennessee, Caroline spent her highschool years just south of Denver, CO, where her family currently resides. While at KU, she has covered sports for different programs within Media Crossroads, including Good Evening KU, Playmakers KU and now KUJH News. She has also covered sports as a member of the University Daily Kansan sports staff, and is now the UDK’s Co-Sports Editor for the spring semester. Caroline’s dream is to be a sports reporter in the NFL or MLB someday. In her free time, Caroline enjoys walking through campus, spending time with family and friends, drinking coffee, cheering on the Minnesota Vikings and watching sunsets at Clinton Lake.

Gabriel Johnson, Anchor / MMJ

Gabriel Johnson is a senior from Naperville, Illinois. He is studying journalism with a minor in sports management. He plans on interning at KSN in Wichita as an MMJ/Reporter after graduation. Gabriel currently is a sports reporter for the University Daily Kansan and has also worked for Playmakers, a weekly broadcast covering KU sports. In his free time, Gabriel loves playing and listening to music, as well as following sports year-round.

Atlas Oberon Ruiz, Anchor / MMJ / Floor Director / Social Media

Atlas Oberon Ruiz is a second semester senior at the William Allen White School of Journalism. He has written for the University Daily Kansan and is the Diversity and Inclusion Chair at his Scholarship Hall. He is devoted to truth and integrity. After graduation, he intends to devote his life to mutual aid.


Olivia Acree, Anchor / MMJ

Olivia Acree is a senior from Lenexa, Kansas. She is dual majoring in political science and journalism with a focus in news and information. After graduation, Olivia hopes to find a job as an MMJ/Reporter and eventually become an anchor. Outside of KU, Olivia is an intern at News-Press NOW in St. Joseph, Missouri. In her free time, Olivia enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with friends and family. Olivia is a member of Pi Beta Phi and a huge Disney fan!

Anna Denison, Anchor / MMJ / Entertainment

Anna Denison is a junior at KU studying journalism with a minor in business. She was born in Texas but grew up in Colorado and Oklahoma. At KU, she has contributed to Good Evening KU, The University Daily Kansan, and The Eudora Times. Her interests include fashion and pop culture. In her free time, Anna likes to spend time with her two golden retrievers, watch reality television, and get involved in her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Sam Lance, Sports Anchor / Sports Reporter

Sam Lance is a junior from Edwardsville, Illinois. He is majoring in news and information with a focus on sports media and is minoring in sport management. Outside of KUJH, Sam works as a beat writer covering KU for of 247Sports. Sam specifically covers basketball, football and recruiting content. Sam also has experience as the former sports editor of the University Daily Kansan, where he started the “Wave the Wheat” podcast while providing coverage to all KU sports. Sam hopes to one day be a sports broadcaster or national college basketball writer. In his free time, Sam enjoys watching college basketball and being involved in his fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi.

Elyse Noe, Entertainment Anchor / Reporter / Sports Reporter

Elyse Noe is a senior from Duluth, Minnesota. Elyse is majoring in journalism with an emphasis in news and information and a minor in communications. At KU, she has been a part of GEKU and volunteered with Rock Chalk Video. Elyse has worked with the organization GALvanize in partnership with the Atlanta Falcons and the East-West Shrine Bowl. In her free time, she enjoys being an active member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, serving on the DEI committee, and advocating for sexual abuse and trauma recovery. She is also Miss Lawrence USA 2022.