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All That Jazz: A Visit to Kansas City

Oscar season is around the corner and the musical "La La Land" is stealing the spotlight with its 14 award nominations. The sound of jazz is heard around the Los Angeles based film, but the genre

Lied Center Features Russian National Ballet

On Sunday afternoon the Lied Center welcomed the 50-member Russian National Ballet Theatre in the full-length ballet Swan Lake. The classic production debuted in 1877 and is known as the national ballet of Russia. The act

What Went Viral?

Viral events of the week were largely a reflection of past events of 2016. Viral events included the release of the "Hamilton" mix tape, which includes artists such as Sia, Alicia Keys and Chance the

Top Moments of 2016

Everyone has their favorite moments from 2016, many of which seem to be related to music, memes and tweets. Many view 2016 as a great year for music, with such notable albums as "Views" by Drake,

Results of the 2016 Game Awards

The 2016 Game Awards took place this November. Blizzard won big, taking home best game direction, best multiplayer, best E-sports game and game of the year for "Overwatch." Other winners included Pokemon Go for best mobile

The Dedicated Star Wars Fan

Even the force could not help Fandago when it came to the large amount of traffic trying to buy tickets to the newest Star Wars movie, Rogue One. According to Fortune Magazine, Fandago had to

What Went Viral

Oh the mannequin challenge, a passing fad? Or the biggest dance craze since the Harlem Shake? Only time will tell! From high schools, to newsrooms to the White House, everyone loves doing the challenge. Even

What Went Viral

This week was an absolutely awesome one for the World Wide Web! In case you missed it, here's what went viral. Cleveland Indians fans are not having the best weekend, after the hard game seven loss

Entertainment with Jackson Kurtz

Cue Katy Perry’s song TGIF! It’s Friday and we’re happy about it so let’s catch up on what has happened this week. The MCU, also known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has taken zero L's in

Nerd Block

Goosebumps author R.L. Stein has announced via Reddit he is currently working on a new series of Marvel Comics. This is the first comic series that Stein has wrote but as of now the series