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Lawrence Police Department Donates to Ukraine

Douglas County Sheriff’s Department Ukraine donation gains local traction

Lily O’Shea Becker // @lilyosheabecker

After word spread that the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department donated 20 expired ballistic vests to Ukraine, other law enforcement agencies in the area stepped up and donated theirs. 

“I’ve had retired police officers, retired fire investigators contact the office and say, ‘Hey I have an old vest and I’d love to give it,’” Douglas County Sheriff Jay Armbrister said. 

Sheriff Armbrister estimated that they collected an additional 20 to 30 expired vests from other law enforcement agencies and retired officers to donate to Ukraine. Because the vests are expired, law enforcement agencies are unable to utilize them, but they still offer protection.  

“In the grand scheme of things, it’s a very insignificant thing, but it made us feel better and you know, if one person can get some use out of forty old vests, it’s worth it,” Sheriff Armbrister said. 

After collecting the vests, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department sent them to the California National Guard, who is partnered with Ukraine through the National Guard State Partnership for Peace program. The vests will then be shipped to Ukraine.