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Fans Crowd Mass Street Prior to Monday’s Game

KU students waited hours before game time at their local bars and restaurants ready to support their fellow Jayhawks.

On Monday, KU students and fans showed their school spirit as they gathered in downtown Massachusetts street celebrating the Final Four game and cheering on their fellow Jayhawks.

Massachusetts street along with other streets in Lawrence was closed off temporarily for the Final Four game.

The Final Four game erupted many long lines of eager fans ready to watch the game at their local bars and restaurants.

KU student Sarah Reinhart was really eager for the Final Four game that she and her friends got in line at their local Brother’s bar hours before the game.

“I got here around I would say one and yeah just waiting for it to open,” Reinhart said.

Reinhart was hopeful the Jayhawks would win.

“I went to every game my freshman year until it shut down cause of COVID,” Reinhart said.”It’s just so exciting to be a student at KU while this is happening.”

Joe Blake, a future KU student traveled to Lawrence from Arkansas City to see the Final Four game and he is as excited as fellow KU students. 

Blake was always hopeful Ku would win.

“Get down to mass street after a big win and just go crazy with the boys,” Blake said.

Although Blake had to wait hours before game time, he’s happy he had a good time with his friends and got the Jayhawk experience.

“I think it opens at five so, game time is eight-twenty,” Blake said. “So yeah, It’s quite a bit of a wait, but I am here for it, so.