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Rock Chalk Revue Returns After a 2 Year Hiatus

Rock Chalk Revue 2022 is Back In-Person
Mackenzie LaPorte

The 73rd annual Rock Chalk Revue event is showing this week at the Lied Center and back in person for
the first time since 2020.
This show features five groups from the University of Kansas’s Greek life who have spent the past year
writing, choreographing, and directing their own musicals to perform in front of a panel of judges. Each
person dedicates up to 25 hours per week up until show day.
This production includes the five performing groups as well as the Advisory Board that handles all of the
Co. Executive Producer, Jill Branch states, “We are in charge of creating the five shows that the greek
houses participate in. We work with the groups every day, we are there 5 hours a day, sometimes more.
We are working personally with these groups to make sure these shows are the best they can be.”
The show is hosted here at the Lied Center and will be open to the public this Thursday, February 24th
through the 26th.
Being back performing at the Lied Center since 2020 is a big step for these Jayhawks.
Executive Producer, Thomas Reintjas states, “I think what is really fun, is that it’s back in the Lied Center,
the theme for the show is “For Old Time Sake” and we like to think that “for old time sake” we’re gonna
be back in the Lied Center, trying to hold Rock Chalk as its always been.”

All viewers are asked to wear a mask due to the Lied Center being in accordance with KU’s mask policy.