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The Christmas Lady

To many people it may be too early for Christmas but for one woman it couldn’t come soon enough.

Ornaments, trees, Santa Claus, and nativity scenes. The sights of a classic Christmas.  Right now most people are still trying to get ready for Thanksgiving! But for Debbie Nall, the season starts at her November annual yuletide sale.

“It just kinda gets you in the Christmas Spirit,” said Nall.

Debbie’s fascination with the holiday has created her a nickname, Christmas Lady.

“I’ve always loved Christmas, ever since I was a little girl… so I’ve always done Christmas and had open houses for 40 years and Christmas sales for 40 years and just got to be called the Christmas lady,” said Nall.

Her years of collecting Christmas hasn’t been for her gain, but for everyone elses.

“All the money, 100 percent of the money goes to various charities for adoptive family. I’ll pick up Christmas stuff at the garage sale and refurbish or redo. A lot of the stuff I’ll end up giving away to needy families,” said Nall.

A time of giving with a person who only knows how to give, reminding us all the reason for the season.

Debbie will also have a second Christmas sale later in the month with all the proceeds going to numerous charities.