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Theft Reported at Alabama Home After Spring Break

Lawrence residents reported a string of thefts just off of campus over Spring Break. Property owners noticed the back window of their house on Alabama Street was broken upon returning from the break in classes

Some of the missing items included gaming consoles, flat screen televisions and a guitar.

Resident Eric Gantner said thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen and none of the tenants had renter’s insurance.

“I’m definitely going to get [insurance] now,” Gantner said. “I never really thought about it until then. But at the same time, it happens to you once so you don’t think bad luck like that will strike twice.”

The Lawrence Police Department is still investigating the case and are searching for a suspec. Gantner said the police encouraged all of the Alabama home residents and other students to lock away anything worth of value and document serial numbers of all valuable items.

“We have to look ourselves on Craigslist to track our stuff down,” Gantner said. “We don’t even have model numbers, so we can never really know for sure. It really does suck.”