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Rockland Apartment Residents Suffer from Burglaries

Police are investigating a series of break-ins that happened last week at The Rockland Apartments.

Around 4 a.m. last Thursday, Oct. 20, sources said there were about five-to-ten cars broken into and burglarized surrounding apartment building “I.” Stolen items include a phone charger, cash and a backpack.

The flood lights above the building were burned out, leaving cars in complete darkness. As a result, police believe these cars were targeted, considering all stolen items were hidden inside the vehicles.

At least two apartment units were also broken into while residents were asleep.

Sources say the Lawrence Police Department was unable to make it into the complex due to a malfunction of the gates.

However, today, employees at The Rockland Apartments said they were unaware of the incidents of last week. They were unable to comment, but said they were unsure if all the flood lights are working, but assured KUJH that the gates are functioning properly.

There are no suspects at this time, but the investigations are ongoing. In the meantime, sources encourage residents to lock all windows, car and front doors to ensure safety.