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Lawrence House Fire Damages Estimated at $110,000

The Lawrence home that caught fire earlier this week has been declared accidental after further investigation.

An unattended heating device inside the garage is what seems to have caused the fire, said Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical Division Chief Eve Tolefree.

After responding to the fire at 4612 Woodridge Drive, it took firefighters about an hour to extinguish the flames.

Once the flames had been put to rest firefighters were able to examine the destruction. Most of the harm occurred in the garage and a loft area on the floor above.

Tolefree says the total damages done to the home are estimated at around $110,000.

“Three cars, three lawnmowers, a motorcycle and all the Christmas decorations were some of the possessions that got burnt,” said homeowner Chris Eagle.

No injuries were reported from the incident by the homeowners, neighbors, or firefighters.